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English 2: Skimming, Scanning and previewing

Previewing adalah teknik membaca untuk mendapatkan gambaran teks secara umum.
Hasil pengamatan Mikulecky dan Jeffries (1996), dengan preview proses pemahaman informasi dapat dicapai dengan cepat, bahkan bisa membantu pembaca mengikuti gagasan penulisnya.
Hasil preview adalah mengetahui Judul, Penulis, interpretasi Jenis atau Genre Bacaan, prediksi tentang isi tulisan
Previewing is very useful for reading heavy and long articles. Only read the important words or general idea in that article. You only have to choose first sentence and last one or two paragraph, and read it. You can avoid reading the things that you don’t really want or need to read. The positive side in preview is: it keeps you spending long time for read the article. And the negative side is: it doesn’t give you the details.Skimming is used to quickly identify the main ideas of a text. When you read the newspaper, you're probably not reading it word-by-word, instead you're scanning the text. Skimming is done at a speed three to four times faster than normal reading. People often skim when they have lots of material to read in a limited amount of time. Use skimming when you want to see if an article may be of interest in your research.

There are many strategies that can be used when skimming. Some people read the first and last paragraphs using headings, summarizes and other organizers as they move down the page or screen. You might read the title, subtitles, subheading, and illustrations. Consider reading the first sentence of each paragraph. This technique is useful when you're seeking specific information rather than reading for comprehension. Skimming works well to find dates, names, and places. It might be used to review graphs, tables, and charts.

Scanning is a technique you often use when looking up a word in the telephone book or dictionary. You search for key words or ideas. In most cases, you know what you're looking for, so you're concentrating on finding a particular answer. Scanning involves moving your eyes quickly down the page seeking specific words and phrases. Scanning is also used when you first find a resource to determine whether it will answer your questions. Once you've scanned the document, you might go back and skim it.

Scan: To look over quickly and systematically; to look over or leaf through hastily

Skim: To give a quick and superficial reading, scrutiny, or consideration; glance

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